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Statement of Mission:

This mission of the Henderson County Public Library District is to provide tax supported service to citizens of the library district in areas of cultural, recreational, educational, and economic fulfillment within the financial capabilities of the district. An attempt will be made to reach both users and non-users by increased use of public information resources.

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Henderson County Public Library District
110 Hill Crest Drive
Biggsville, IL 61418

phone: 309-627-2450
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fax number: 309-627-2830
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Anita Smith - Library Director.

Mary Allaman - Part time Library Staff.

Debbie Gillam - Part time Library Staff.

Loreena Baker - Part time Library Staff. 


Denny Hilligoss - Accounting Clerk.

Sarah Cassiday - Bookmobile Operator.

Tristin Johnson - Part Time High School Staff.    

Conner Hill- Part Time High School Staff.        

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."                                                                                          


Board of Trustees

Diana Russell - Board President, term expires 2024
Thomas Pullen - Vice-President, term expires 2021
Sharon Eisenmayer - Secretary, term expires 2022 
Judy Roessler - Treasurer, term expires 2022
Susan Bates - term expires 2024
Jennifer Painter, term expires 2021
Charleen Fisher, term expires 2022

Board meetings are held the first Monday of every month at the Henderson County Public Library unless stated otherwise. All meetings are open to the public. To contact a board member email at:

Board meetings start at 5:00 p.m. on:

July 2, 2018

August 13, 2018

September 10, 2018

October 1, 2018

November 5, 2018

December 3, 2018

January 7, 2019

Febuary 4, 2019

March 4, 2019

April 1, 2019

May 6, 2019

June 3, 2019

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Our History

The first effort to organize a library service area to encompass the entire county was made in 1957 with eight service stations. Each station was stocked with one to two hundred volumes, and were set up in the villages of Henderson County. A bookmobile was provided to make stops throughout the county and, by September 1957, bookmobile services were available to every school. Many of these books were provided by transfer of materials from the State Library at Kaskaskia while others were bought with funds provided for the Warren-Henderson County Service Project.

From this beginning, the county voted in 1959 to form a district library, which continues to serve the entire county. After the vote to form the district, a group of citizens from Biggsville built a building which was then sold to the library district. This location served the citizens of Henderson County for many years. In order to provide the services that the patrons had come to expect, a larger location was needed.

The library board voted in January 1999 that the Library remain in Biggsville, the most central village in the County and the location closest to the two Henderson County school districts. In March 1999, an architect was employed. A "Feasibility Study" grant money was received in June to determine the best location within Biggsville for the new building and develop preliminary plans. The board applied for a construction grant in October. In February of 2000, Jesse White, the State Librarian, announced that the library would receive a $250,000 construction grant for the new building.

The concept design for the new library was created by APACE Architects and Engineers of Peoria in August. The construction was done by Laverdiere Construction of Macomb. The 180 x 300 foot building was completed in May of 2001. The old library closed its doors on May 22, 2001. From May 23- May 31, the staff and many volunteers began moving to the new library. The big moving day was May 29, 2001, with 26 students from Southern High School helping and many, many, wonderful volunteers. On June 1, 2001, the new library opened its doors for the first time.

The name of this organization shall be Henderson County Public Library District of Illinois, being organized in April, 1959.
The purpose of the Henderson County Public Library District shall be to provide free library service to enrich the quality of life for citizens of the library district in areas of cultural, recreational, educational and economic fulfillment within the financial capabilities of the District.
The objectives of the library district shall be: assemble, preserve and administer an organized collection of books and library materials, and electronic equipment to promote guidance and stimulation of the communication of ideas. maintain physical facilities to attract people and to effectively serve all residents serve all parts of the district without discrimination toward persons listed in Article 1 Section 1-102 (A) of the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS5) plan to build and or tap access to print and multi-media materials collection to satisfy the diversified interest of individuals in the district provide opportunity and encouragement for individuals of all ages to educate themselves continuously encourage wholesome recreation and constructive use of leisure time promote cooperative relationships with the schools in the district promote access to total intellectual resources of the region and state through full participation in the Alliance Library System and all emerging cooperative ventures provide service for the blind and physically handicapped in collaboration with Alliance Library System continually review library’s goals as a user-oriented institution and to evaluate performance in terms of such goals.
The Henderson County Public Library District shall be governed by a seven person Board of Trustees. Members of the Board shall be appointed by the County Board on even numbered years as their term expires or as vacancies occur, as per election held April 14, 1970 (Illinois District Library Law, Article 4, Paragraph 1004-2). Not more than two Trustees from a township shall serve at one time. Term of office shall be six years.
The Board of Trustees shall elect a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
The Board of Trustees of Henderson County District Library shall have the authority necessary to carry out the spirit and intent of the Illinois District Library Law and the Statutes of the State of Illinois.
The election of officers shall be held at the regular meeting in April each even numbered year. The terms of office for the officers shall end on the 30th of April and the terms of their successors shall begin on the first day of May. The officers shall be elected to serve for two years.
The Board of Trustees shall meet at least eight times a year to conduct the business of the district.
The regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held on the first Monday of the designated month at the Library with the exception of holidays, when the meeting shall be on the second Monday.
Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, and in the absence of the President, a special meeting may be called at any time by any Trustee. In absence of the President, this meeting will be conducted by the vice-president in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
In case of extreme emergency, the Board will be poled by telephone by the president. Results will then be called to each member. The decision will then be ratified at the subsequent Board meeting.
If any claim or action not covered by insurance is instituted against a Trustee of the Henderson County Public Library District arising out of an act or omission by a Trustee acting in good faith for a purpose believed to be in the best interest of the Library District, or if any claim or action not covered by insurance is instituted against an employee of the Library District allegedly arising our of an act or omission occurring within the scope of his or her duties as such employee, the Library District shall, at the request of the Trustee or employee—
a.appear and defend against the claim or action, and or indemnify the Trustee or employee, for a judgment and court cost based on such claim or action and or indemnifies the Trustee or employee for a compromise or settlement of such claim or action, providing the settlement is approved by the Board of Trustees.
For the purpose of this section, the term Trustee and employee shall include a former Trustee and employee of the District. This section shall not apply if the Board of Trustees finds that the claim or action is based on malicious, willful, or criminal misconduct. In such cases, indemnification will be determined after investigation of the facts.
Board members who find they cannot attend the library board meetings with any degree of regularity should resign and ask that the County Board appoint a replacement. After an absence from regular meetings without just cause for a period of six months, a vacancy will be declared and a new member appointed.
Board members and staff will be paid mileage at 50 cents per mile for travel to attend meetings. Expenses for attendance at approved library meetings and workshops will be allowed.
All records and accounts of the Henderson County public Library District shall be kept in the Office of the Library and in the custody of the library administrator. All such records and accounts, with the exception of personnel evaluation, shall be open to the public.
The Librarian shall be the chief administrative officer. He/she shall be responsible for carrying out the policies of the Board of Trustees, both as to their instruction and their intent. He/she shall attend all Board meetings but shall have no vote. He/she shall have the general charge of the Library District in consultation with the Board of Trustees. He/she shall be responsible for the maintenance and care of the Library District’s property. He/she shall certify all bills and present monthly and annual financial statements and progress reports to the Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees of the Henderson County Public Library District may, at its discretion accept gifts, donations, and endowment funds for the Henderson County Public Library District. Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the librarian has the authority to make whatever disposition it deemed advisable. Gifts of library materials will not be evaluated by the Board of Trustees for tax exemption purposes. Cash donations are to be used for specific purchase that might not have been purchased otherwise rather than added to the general fund. The donor is to be acknowledged by mail.
The selection of library materials shall be the primary task of the librarian. All employees and the Board of Trustees of the Henderson County Public Library District shall affirm the belief in the “Library Bill of Rights” and the “Freedom to Read” statements.
These by-laws shall be reviewed annually and may be amended by a majority vote at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Henderson County Public Library District after sufficient discussion of the proposed amendment. Policies shall be reviewed every two years.
If any provision of these by-laws enacted after their effective date is held invalid, such invalidity does not affect other provisions of these by-laws.
The Illinois Library Laws supercede any and all of the above articles.
Approved: ________________________________

It is the primary responsibility of all staff members to administer the library in an efficient and effective manner.  Cooperation of the entire staff is essential for the providing of good library service, which, in turn, supports good public relations.  All staff members shall adhere to the policies and by-laws of the Henderson County District Library, shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall attempt to promote the high standards and ideals of the library.
Employment of personnel will be based on educational qualifications, technical skills, experience, personality, ability, and aptitude for the position.
No person shall be denied consideration for employment by reason of gender, race, color, creed, or national origin.
Relatives of library personnel or Board of Trustees will not be considered for employment unless, because of some unforeseen circumstances, the Board of Trustees deems it in the best interest of the library.
An effort shall be made to employ personnel representing various areas of the district.
Full-time employees shall be anyone, other than the librarian, who has been employed for more than one year and works thirty-five hours or more per week unless considered to be provisionally employed.  First year of employment will be considered to be provisional.  Provisional employment can be extended beyond the first year if deemed necessary by the librarian and the Board of Trustees.  Employees working less than 600 hours per calendar year will not be covered by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.
Regular full-time salaried personnel who have been employed for at least one year are eligible for one week paid vacation.  Those employed for five years or more will receive two weeks paid vacation and those employed 10 years or more shall earn three weeks vacation.  Hourly employees are not eligible for a paid vacation.  Vacation time is not cumulative unless approved by both the librarian and the Board of Trustees.  The bookmobile operator’s vacation shall be taken during the summer months or school holidays except for extenuating circumstances.
Full-time salaried employees, other than the librarian, will be granted sick leave of one day per month employed cumulative to time allowed by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.  No more than 30 days sick leave may be taken at any one time unless approved by the Librarian and the Board of Trustees.  Hourly employees are not eligible for paid sick leave.  Other than stated above, employees will not be reimbursed for accumulated sick leave.  Sick leave allowed the librarian will be negotiated with the Board of Trustees based on time employed and other considerations to be determined by the Board.
Full-time salaried employees shall be entitled to three personal days off per year with pay, after completing one year of employment.  This time is not accumulative and the employee will not be reimbursed monetarily for such time not taken.  Hourly employees are not eligible for paid personal days off. 
Full-time and hourly employees shall be allowed a leave of absence not to exceed three months for maternity/paternity purposes.  An extension may be granted upon the approval of both the Librarian and the Board of Trustees.  An employee shall not accumulate benefits while on leave without pay.
Expenses incurred by personnel attending authorized professional meetings shall be paid by the library.
As of January 1, 1987, employees working 600 hours annually, will be covered by Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.  Retirement age shall be set at the age equivalent to that considered by Social Security to be eligible for full retirement, subject to a yearly review by the Board of Trustees after that time.
Cooperation of the entire staff is essential for the providing of good library service.  Good library service supports good public relations.   All members shall adhere to the policies and by-laws of the library, shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall attempt to promote the high standards and ideals of the library.  Punctuality and efficiency on the part of each staff member is basic to the smooth functioning of the library.  Personnel are expected to be on time and cooperate with fellow staff and the general public.  The bookmobile is an extension of the library and should be conducted as such.

Adopted:  October 4, 2010
Investment of Public Funds Policy - Henderson County Public Library Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this policy statement is to outline the responsibilities, general objectives, and specific guidelines for management of public funds by the Henderson County Public Library.  Its scope is all public funds of the Library.                                             
All investment policies and procedures of the Henderson County Public Library will be in accordance with Illinois law.  The authority of the Library Board of Trustees to control and invest public funds as defined in the Illinois Public Funds Investment Act and the investments are described therein.  Administration and execution of the policies are the responsibility of the Treasurer of the Library acting under the authority of the Library Board of Trustees.
Delegation of Authority
Management and administrative responsibility for the investment program is hereby delegated to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer, and by designation, the Library Director, are responsible for establishing internal controls and written procedures for the operation of the investment program.
In selecting financial institutions to be used, the following general objectives shall be considered in the priority listed:
A)  Legality (conforming with all legal requirements)
B)  Safety (preserving capital)
C)  Liquidity (maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet current obligations and those reasonably to be expected)
D)  Yield (attaining a market rate of return on investments)
E)  Simplicity of management
The following guidelines should be used to meet the general investment objectives:
A) Legality and Safety:

  1. Investments will be made only in investments guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  Deposits will not exceed the amount insured by the FDIC coverage (unless adequately collateralized pursuant to regulations of the Federal Reserve regarding custody and safekeeping of collateral.  The Library will require written verification of this pledge).
  2. Authorized investments include and will primarily consist of Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Bills, and other securities guaranteed by the U.S. Government, participation in the State of Illinois Public Treasurer’s Investment Pool, and any other investments allowed under State law that satisfy the investment objectives of the Library.  

B) Liquidity:
In general, investments should be managed to meet liquidity needs for two to three months and any reasonable anticipated needs.
C) Yield - Return on investment:

Within the constraints of Illinois law, considerations of safety, and this investment policy, every effort shall be made to maximize return. All excess funds will be kept in interest bearing account.
D) Simplicity of management
The time required by library administration staff to manage investments shall be kept to a minimum.
E) Internal Controls and Written Operational Procedures          

  1. It is required that the Treasurer be bonded.
  2. Checks are written and invoices approved through direction of the Library Director.  All checks are reviewed and signed by either the Treasurer, President or Secretary of the Board.  All checks require only one signature. The treasurer will review all account statements.
  3. Transfers between the checking account and the money market account can be performed by the Library Director and the accounting clerk in order to cover checks that were written.  These transfers can be made by phone or internet.
  4.  Tax disbursements are received by the Treasurer at his home and will be deposited within two days of receipt by the Library staff.
  5. The Library Director and accounting clerk will review excess funds and determine the best investment choice available.  The Treasurer will be notified and will give the final approval. 

Investments, fund balances and the status of such accounts will be reported at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Library Board of Trustees. These reports will be available to the general public upon request.   At least annually, the Treasurer and the Board of Trustees shall review this policy for any needed modifications required.
Authorized Financial Institutions

Local financial institutions, who are a member of FDIC, shall be considered for investment of the Library’s funds.  The Board prefers to keep the funds on deposit with a financial institution located in Henderson County, Illinois.
Adopted:   February 7, 2011