Gladstone Grade School


First Row - Left to Right - Harry Carnes, Kathleen Lewis, Charles Bundy, Marlene Cleek, Ethel McCabe, Alice McCabe, Melvin Hicks, Marilyn James, William Bundy, Shirley Sandy, Harold Alberg

2nd Row - Left to Right - Ms. Logan (teacher), _____Gibson, Chuck _____, _____ Gibson, Dale Lukens, Don Remick, Jack Lox, Donald White, _____,_____

3rd Row - Left to Right - Herman Furnald, Donna Mohrling, Albert Keever, Peggy Woodhall, Jack Bayler, Arlene Ruddy


Gladstone Public Grade School

September 4, 1947 ~ Grades 3,4,5

Bottom Row - Left to Right - Judy Dixon, Shirley James, Eunice Cook, Caroline Martin, Wanda Graham, Geneva Huss

2nd Row - Left to Right - Ruby Keever, Charles Whitmore, Sandra Douglas, Larry Sandy, Lyle Huss, Larry Gray

3rd Row - Left to Right - Milton Keever, Maxine Bielser, Eugene Anderson, Marlene Lox, Nancy Sandy, _____

Back Row - Left to Right - Jim McKinney, Bonnie Whitmore, Herman Furnald, Darlene Keever, Carol Bielser, Richard Cleek

Teacher - Mrs. Strawhacker



Gladstone Grade School

September 21, 1948

Grades 3, 4, 5

Teacher - Mrs. Strawhacker

Front Row - Left to Right - Larry Sandy, Georgia Huss, Jim McIntire, Caroline Martin, Geraldine Keever, Geneva Huss

2nd Row - Left to Right - Eunice Cook, Dixie Bielser, Joan Scott, Judy Dixon, Sandra Douglas, Jim Bundy

3rd Row - Left to Right - Carolyn Kuntz, Lee James, Ron Allen, Eugene Anderson, Philip Olson

4th Row - Left to Right - _____, Merle McCabe, Larry Gray, _____, Tom Douglas, Chas. Whitmore, _____, Robert Robertson

Back Row - Left to Right - _____, Wanda Graham, Ruby Keever, Shirley James, Darlene Keever



Gladstone Public Grade School

6, 7, 8 Grades

September 21, 1948

Front Row - Left to Right - Conrad Olson, Richard Cleek, Jim McKinney, Helen Keever (Hull), Teacher - Lester Earp

2nd Row - Left to Right - Charles Bundy, Mike Lewis, Maxine Bielser (Carlson ), Marlene Lox (Ryder), Laura Peterson, Wanda Dixon (Cooper), Norman Dixon

3rd Row - Left to Right - Bonnie Whitmore, Ray James, Willim Bundy, Donald Klossing, Nancy Sandy (Stevenson)

4th Row - Left to Right - Junior Bielser, Carol Bielser (Peterson), Larry Whitmore, Harry Carnes, Jim McGriff, Jim Huss

Back Row - Left to Right - William Lukens, Bill McGraw, Joyce Stewart (Meloan), Mildred Earp (Bielser), Robert Bielser


Gladstone Grade School (Year Unknown)

Back row- Floyd Remick, Bessie Keever, Olsen Shaferners, Alice Whitmore, Betsy McCabe, Delores Woodall, Joan Woodall, Alexe Asberry, D. Aladice, Rosalee Fobbers 

Second to Back Row - Bud Stewert, Paula Rhodes, Lou Mary Smith, Eleonor Bailey, Donna Gallbraith, Leonard Soma, Jesse Carnes, Elizabeth Whitmore, Jimmy Remick, Ellei Makey, Teacher 

Next Row - Danny Lamb, Unknown, Paul Dean, Davis Hicks,Clifford McGehorn, Pauline Rhodes, Dennis Ableby, Kerry Rhodes, Bob Jarvis, Donna Mohrking

Front Row - Walter (Last Name Unknown), Earl Prelers, Walter Gibson, Arville Bison, Coreluis Sabin, Dean Shaw, Buck Bailey


Gladstone Grade School (Year Unknown #2)

Front (Left to Right) - Dick Whitmore, Irvin Lox, Barbara Stevens, Carp Hainds, Smith, Dick Anderson, Betty Lewis, Ossie Baylor, Barbara James, Floyed McGeehon, Elaine Grate, Pete Bailey

Middle Row - Joan Knutstrom, Norman Gibson, Lois Gibson, Marylynn Cleek, Donald Curtiss, Barabara Ahlberg, Smith(Mead Principal) 

Back Row - Matha Bundy, Phylis Carnes, Jane Cleek, Lloyde Keever, Toots Whitmore, Malcolm Cleek, Laura Marie Smith, Vera Ditto

Gladstone Grades 1,2,3 Year 1941

Front Row (Left to Right) Alfred "Mike" Lewis, Robert Bielser, Corky Carnes, Wonda Difton, Beverly Lop, William Bundy, Bill Lukerns, Charles Bundy

2nd Row- Girl Unknown, Marlyn James, Harold Ahlberg, Melvin Hicks, Kathleen Lewis 

3rd Row- Herman Arnold, Dale Luckerns, Marlene Cleek, Unknown, Boy Unknown, Shirley Seitz

4th Row- Arlene Rudy, Marcline McConnell, Jack Lop, Albert Keever, Girl Unknown, Don Remick, Don Johnson

Gladstone Grades 4,5 Year 1941

Left to Right

Front Row - Donna Galbraith, Sherry Rhoades, Betty Mohrling, Dennis Ahlberg, Robert Lewis, Doris Hicks, Elizabeth Whitmore

2nd Row - Paula Rhodes, Elanor Bailey, Rosalie Robbins, Paul Green, Pauline Rhoades, Evelyn Bundy, Danny Lob

3rd Row- Velam Arnold, Marcline McConnel, Alice Whitmore, Frank Bielser, Dean Shaw, Korey Bailey

4th Row - Jesse Carnes, Walter Remicks, Bessie Keever, Allane Aslury, Leonard Linklad, Cornelius Saben

Gladstone Grades 6,7,8 1941

Students Unknown


Gladstone Grades 3,4,5 1944

Students Unknown

Gladstone Grades 6,7,8 1944

Students Unknown

Gladstone Grades 6,7,8 1945

Students Unknown

Gladstone Highschool Year (1944, 1945?)

Left to Right

1st Row - Elizabeth Whitmore, Carolyn Speares, Betty Mohrling, Sherry Rhoades, Garret Montray, Doris Hicks, Robert Lewis, Dean Klossing, Miss Jeanette Caldwell

2nd Row - Lois Polson, Pauline Rhodes, Eleanor Bailey, Evelyn Bundy, Barbara Ahlberg, Betty Lewis, Mrs. Hinman

3rd Row - Betsy McCabe, Mailyn Anderson, Allene Asberg, Paula Rhoades, Matha Ann Higright

4th Row - Velma Marw, Jona Tee, Earl Bielser, Clifford McGeehon

5th Row - Dennis Ahlberg, Robert McShaw, Loren Bailey, Paul Green, Roy Brent

6th Row - Vernon Marw, William (Bud) Stewart, Elaine Grate, Barbara James, Marilyn Cleek

Gladstone High School 1948

Front Left - Barbara Jean(James) Price, Center - Principle, Front Right Barabara Alberg

Back Second Left - Unknown Boy, Elaine Nelson, Lloyd Keever, Betty Lewis, Unknown Boy




Gladstone Grade School


Gladstone Grade School - 1914