Main Street

Button Factory

Button Workers, Oquawka, IL #21


Button Factory at Foot of Schuyler Street


Oquawka Button Factory



Individual Places on Main Street

R. Hodson Drugs & Groceries


R. Hodson Drugs & Groceries

R. Hodson Drugs & Groceries


R. Hodson Drugs & Groceries


Livery & Feed Stable


Depot. Oquawka, IL


Depot. Oquawka, IL






Chickering & Son.


Grand Opera House


Grand Opera House - Built By Linell


Grand Opera House Built in 1895


Grand Opera House - Oquawka, Il


Grand Opera House - Oquawka, Il


Grand Ball Invitation


Chicken Factory and Skating Rink

Chicken Factory Downstairs

In Later Years Stripe Skating Rink

Upstairs Skating Rink run by Arthur J. Stripe

Scale House on Left


Eagle House

Was American Hotel before Eagle House. Joseph K. Barnes was propreiter (Barb Lumbeck's relative). Barb has chair that came from Eagle House.


Devore's Garage


Devore's Garage


Devore's Garage


Delabar's Notion Store


Bank of Oquawka


Bank of Oquawka


Monty's Old Tavern


#57 City Boat House, Oquawka


Harry Patterson Print Shop (188?)


Harry Patterson Print Shop (188?)


Texaco Station and Standard Station

July 1988:

Junction of Schuyler & 8th St.

The new Texaco Station in background.

Standard Station in front. 

Oquawka, IL.


Bill Stubs Home and Standard Oil Station

July 1988

The old Bill Stubs home and Standard Oil Station. The station built in early or mid 1930's is soon to be torn down for a new gas station. Corner of Schuyler and 8th Street Oquawka, IL.


Standard Oil Station

July 1988

Standard Station

Corner of Schuyler and 8th Street looking south.

Soon to be the site of a new gas station.


Oquawka Depot


Court House and Old Fire House

Court House and Old Fire House on 4th St.

Oquawka, IL

Winter 1984


Bank of Oquawka Post Card


Bank of Oquawka Post Card- History of Site




Rapid Shoe Repairing


Rapid Shoe Repairing


Oquawka Light Plant


Oquawka Light Plant


Oquawka in a Dilemma


Old Light Plant

Aug. 1980 Looking North East




Louis Nelk Meat Market

Louis Nelk Meat Market was across alley west of Villiage Hubb.

Was a shop and family lived behind and above.

Nelk family in front.


Groceries and Grain


Henderson County Court House



Interior Views

Hodson's Store 1848

Left- Robert Hodson

3rd from left - George Riley Noble (John Nobles Father)


The Happy Hour Cafe at Oquawka

Kenny Ditto, Lyle Whycaff, Dorothy Wycaff, and Sally Stenzel

Probably about 1925


Knox Hotel


Brown and Voorhese Hardware 1944-1958

Bobby Brown and George Voorhese


George Johnson's Restaurant


Fred Schlolzhauer Store

Schuyler Street - Oquawka

Former Owner - Biggs



Noble's Saloon

Meet Me in Oquawka IL.

L: Harry Noble

R: Geo Noble

Back Right: Bill Thornton

Policeman: Brockton Brown


1908- Interior of Casper Nelk Meat Market

Capper behind the counter to the left.

Gus Schlotzhauer on right behind counter.

Charles Stewart on stool (Marie and Helen's father. )


October 26, 1916 Oquawka Occurrences





Oquawka High School


Public School - Oquawka Illinois


Township High School - Oquawka IL.


#64 High School Oquawka IL.



Street View


Schuyler Street

Taken before Opera House was built. 1892


Main Street Oquawka Ill.

Schuyler Street looking west from corner of 4th and Schuyler


Oquawka Ill.


East on Main Street  - Oquawka IL

Schuyler (Main Street) Looking East From River


Street Scene - Oquawka, Illinois


#66 Oquawka, Ill.


Picture of "Old Oquawka"

Picture of "Old Oquawka's" foot of Schuyler Street. Probably around the 1900's. The boat name is Star Light.


Main Street West, Oquawka Ill.


2 Main Street West Oquawka


South Side Main Street, Oquawka Ill.


Main Street, Oquawka Ills.


Main St. Oquakwa ILL.


Street View Oquawka Ill. 28


#58 Main Street -  Oquawka Ills.


Main Street E. Oquawka Illinois


Main Street - Grocery and Restaurant


Main Street, Oquawka Illinois


West Oquawka Illinois


Main Street, Oquawka, ILL.

South side of Schuyler Street. Looking east.


#1 Oquawka, Ill


Main Street West Oquawka Ill.


Street View 1


Street View 2


Street View 3