Mississippi River

Mississippi Sunset

December 13, '49


River Scene, Oquawka Il. #19




The Columbia , Oquawka Illinois


Steamboat Washington - Oquawka, Ill.


The Helen Blair. Oquawka Illinois


White Collar Line Streamer "Columbia" Mississippi River


White Collar Line Streamer "Helen Blair" Mississippi River


Helen Blair - Oquawka in Background


Scene Near Oquawka Ill.


Steamer Dubuque Leaving Landing. Burlington, Iowa


Alexander Mackenzie, At Oquawka, Ill. With Coal Tow Equal to 390 Freight 


Delta Queen

Taken By Wade Meloan


Ferry Boat - Oquawka Ill.


Ferry Boat Oquawka


Helen Blair, Muscatine Iowa


Horse Shoe Oquawka Ill. 22


Mississippi River at Oquawka Ill


Oquawka Ill. #67 A glimps of the Mississippi River


Oquawka Ill.




River View at Oquawka, Ill.


River View Oquawka Ill. 


Riverview. Oquawka Illinois

Steamer W. J. Young Jr. at Andalusia Landing 1893


Str St. Paul - Keithsburg Landing


Looking Down The River Oquawka Ill. # 1


River View Oquawka


Horse Shoe Oquawka Ill.


River View Oquawka Ill.


1995 American Queen


1995 American Queen


Steamboat, Oquawka Ill.


Steamboat Delta Queen


Casino Belle


Casino Belle


Casino Belle


J.S. Deluxe 1931


SS President


Columbia - Oquawka Ill.


Riverside Park


Granite Boulder & Plaque at Riverside Park

Oquawka, Ill. 1988

Rock placed at site of first log cabin built in 1827 by Dr. I. Balland.

The huge boulder came from Smith Creek and funished by the Clyde Bailey Family was put in place in fall of 1987.


Port of Oquawka


Tug Boat on Mississippi River 1987


Ramona Excursions


Ramona Excursions


The Helen Blair, Oquawka Ills.


Scene On Mississippi River Near Oquawka Ill.


Keithsburg Ill.


Mississippi Queen - 1979


River View , Oquawka Ill.


Mill Dam. Oquawka Ill.


May 4, 1921 


Riverview at Oquawka, ILL.


Bridge Over Mississippi River, Burlington Iowa


Delta Queen


Delta Queen


Mississippi River Excursion Steamers - Fort Madison, Iowa


River Front, Burlington Iowa


Steamer Columbia, Burlington Iowa


Excursion Steamer "Capitol" on the Mississippi - Burlington Iowa


Steamboat, Oquawka, Ill.


U.S.C.G. Cutter on Patrol


Keokuk Lock & Dam


River View Oquawka Ill. 24


 A Glimpse of the Mississippi River


2 1/2 Miles South of Town 1921


Moonlight on Mississippi at Oquawka, ILL. 


Riverview at Oquawka, ILL.


Mississippi Sunset