In addition to the photos on these webpages we have pictures with unknown people for the public to look at. If you are interested please come in and see if you recognize anyone.


4 Generations

Mother Cooper, E.L. Rice, Eli Rice, Jimmy Rice


1934 or 1935 at Biggsville Farm

First Eileen Nolan, Barbare Russel, Eileen Bass





Top Row:

Left To Right- Jake Gilbert, Emily Gilbert Boughton (Melvin), Dick Gilbert, Tom Gilbert, Aline Gilbert Shotts (Sam, Bob Gilbert


Bottom Row:

Left To Right- Anna Gilbert Robinson (Arland), Lester Gilbert, Hershel Gilbert, Bertha Gilbert, Chester Gilbert, Nelme Gilbert Tatum (Henry)


A Good Friend Martha

Ann Swann, Eileen and Charles Rubery, and Dean Ricketts


Al and Bill


Al and Don Lathrop with Eileen Nolan


Albert and Buddie


Albert and Don Laken

In San Fransisco 1939.


Albert, Dorothy, and Bobby Lathrop


Albert Lathrop


Albert Lathrop and Bobby


Albert Lathrop


Alma and Bill Nolan (1944)

Alma and Edward Nolan 

Alma and Ed Nolan

House across from Court House -East


Alma Cooper


Alma Cooper

Alma (Cooper) Nolan 

Alma on right

Alma and Ed Nolan

Alma and Ed Nolan

Alma Nolan and Ladd

Alma Nolan, Eileen Nolan and Fannie Cooper

Alma Nolan, Frannie Cooper, and Mayme Lathrop

Alma Nolan, Vera and Verna Huss of Oquawka ILL.

Alma Nolan, Helen (Bishop) Adams, Helen (Nolan) Bishop, Vivian Nolan, Martha Nolan

Alma Nolan

Alma Nolan

Alma Nolan

Alma Nolan with dog

Alma Nolan and Family 

Alma Rea Cooper


Always A Friend - Virginia


Always a Pal - Shirley


Ann Swann, Beverly Johnson, Jean Swann


Ann Swann


Ann Swann Matteson

Left to Right - Davie, Sue, Richie

Front - Jeff


Anna Vaughan

Arch made for Eileen and Charles Wedding 


Art and Garfields Birthday - April 1957

Back Row: Howard Meadows, Pearl Cooper Meadows, Alma Nolan, Grace Cooper

Front Row: Fannie Cooper, Art Cooper, Garfield Cooper

Art and Maude Cooper, Pearl and Marie 

Arthur Cooper

Arthur and Maude Cooper, Pearl and Marie

Art Cooper House

Art Cooper

Arthur Boyer and Gennie


Audrey and Martha S.


August 1943 

Taken in our yard. 5 hour leave.

Aunt Ann, Aunt Jane, Aunt Kate, and Mother 

Aunt Ann, Mother, and Aunt Kate

Aunt Ann and Uncle Ed's Home in Oquawka

Aunt Julia, Maisie, Vivian

Aunt Kate and Aunt Lou 

Aunt Stella Cooper (L)

Aunt Vaughon, Pearl Cooper, Howard Cooper, Mrs. C.E. Cooper, Fannie Cooper, Ruby Cooper Barre, Frouh Barre, Lillie Cooper (In Front) Pauleyen Barre


Babe and Bill (1944)

Babe Bass

Babe Bass

Babe Bass

Babe Bass Holding Eileen Bass

Babe Bass, Grace, Rags, and Laddie

Babe Bass and Mabel Rhoader

Babe Cooper 

Babe Cooper and Her Doll

Babe Cooper Bass

Baby Marian 19 months old


Bachelors Club - February 1943

Left to Right - Robert Finch, James Gilbert, Richard Slover, Jake Gilbert,Punk Blythe

Barrels on the Nolan Land

Bearr Firmel




Bebee and Me

Belle at Park Detroit 

September 1954

Best of Luck, Marian


Best Wishes "Barb"


Best Wishers of C.R.A. Marshall


Betty Ann Richmond


Beverly Johnson

Lena Slater house in backgound, then Hamilton's Super Market


Beverly's Birthday Party


Bill and Eileen Nolan


Bill and Keith Andrews

Bill and one of his Oquawka pals, Keith Andrews


Bill Nolan

Bill Nolan 


Bill Nolan 1944


Bill Nolan 1944


Bill Nolan


Bill Nolan and Martha Nolan


Bill Nolan and Sister


Bob and Kathy

Bob- 7 Years

Kathy- 1 Year


From Left to Right: Bob, Jim, Garrie, Dick


Bob, Kathleen, and Suzie


Building a Snowman


Carolyn Thomas, and Mary Eileen Nolan

Mary Eileen Nolan aged 17 months, Carolyn Thomas aged 15 months


Carrie, Elsie, Martha, Alura Lyman

This is Carrie, Elsie, Martha, and Alura Lyman. Muriel "Babe" sitting and Bill standing. These were taken where they cut the old maple tree in the yard on the stump of the old maple tree.


Celinda Cooper

Celinda Cooper

Celinda Cooper

Chales Sanford 

Chum (Uncle Ock's Dog)

Dressed up to ride in a parade in Flora.

 Chum dressed up in  Garfield's clothes

Cindy Burns

Cindy Keever

Civil War Reenactment


Clara and Willie Daniels

Clate Cooper Children

Clay County Oil Hill

Cleaning up the hose

One Sunday in June. Cleaning up the hose after the fire at Lone Tree.


Clyde Simpson Heritage Trail 1978


Clyde Simpson Heritage Trail 1978


Group Picture

Aunt Ann Vaughan, Pearl Cooper, Howard Cooper, Mother ( C. E. Cooper), Fannie Cooper, Ruby Cooper Barre, Pauline Barre, Frank P. Barre, Lillie Cooper

Cooper Family

Cooper Home Place in Clay County


Cooper Home Place, Clay County, IL

On Porch: Left to Right: Alma (Cooper) Nolan, Elizabeth Rontt, Celinda (Rea) Cooper, George Huron Cooper, Lillie Cooper, Fannie Cooper

Standing Left: Arthur Cooper

Sitting: Garfield Cooper and Sam Cooper

Standing Right: Frank Cooper

Danny Lee on Easter Morning 


Dicky, Jimmy, and Taylor Lee 

Doak House in Stronghurst

Left to Right- Frannie Cooper, M.E Nolan, Freemon Doak, and Bill & Bobe Nolan 

Outside Delabar's Motion Store

Joe Delabar


Inside Delabar's Motion Store

Joe Delabar , Henrietta Reynolds (in middle, daughter of Mary), Mary Delabar


Doc and Ruth Swann - Eileen Nolan


Don Brooking, Judge Gordon, Everett Werts


Don H. Meloan

Dorothy and Eugene Houston

Dorothy and Kathy Lathrop

Ed and Alma Nolan 

Ed Nolan and Alma Nolan Home

Ed and Alma Nolan with Nephews

Left: Lowell Lathrop

Right: Bill Nolan

Ed and Eileen Nolan and Family Dog 

Ed and Tom Nolan


Ed Nolan and Bill Nolan


Ed Nolan and Marion Pearson (Clay County Farm)


Ed Nolan, Bill Nolan, Elizabeth Routt, Mabel Rhoades

House across street East from Court House

Ed Nolan 11-30-41

Ed Nolan

Ed Nolan

Ed Nolan - 1925

Ed Nolan

Ed Nolan in Middle 

Ed Nolan with Cows

Edward Nolan 

Edward Nolan Biggsville, Il

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass and Friends

Eileen La Vera Bass 

Eileen La Vera Bass

Eileen Bass with Rabbit

Elizabeth Bass

Elizabeth Bass and Baby Eileen

Elizabeth Bass and Eileen Bass

Eileen Bass taken at Clay City

Elizabeth Bass at the Conservatory 

Elizabeth Bass at the Conservatory of Flowers 

Elizabeth Bass at the Fountian 

Mary Eileen Nolan

13 Months of Age


Court House - Treasurer's Office

Eileen Nolan and Roy Anders, County Treasurer


Eileen Nolan in Front

Back Row: Frank Bass, Edward Nolan, John Bass, Berr Bass, and Art Cooper

Front Row: Maude Cooper, Babe Bass, Alma Nolan, Lillie Cooper,  Anna Bass, Fannie Cooper

Eileen Nolan in front

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan 

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan age 9 months 

June 1931

Eileen Nolan (2)

Eileen Nolan (3)

Eileen Nolan (4)

Eileen Nolan (5)

Eileen Nolan and Tripie 

Eileen Nolan, Wendell Knox, Beverly Johnson, Gracie Ditto

Eileen Nolan and ?

Eileen and Charles Rubery 

Eileen and Charles Rubery cutting cake

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan

Eileen Nolan - Snow of 1936

Elieen Nolan-Rubery and her mother Alma Nolan 

Elizabeth Bass - Cross Pines Windsor

Elizabeth Bass - Cornellian near concert grounds

Elizabeth Cooper sitting Ivah Mitchell standing

Elizabeth and Eileen Bass

Elta Routl; Ruby Barre 

Ethel Wiegand Dorney on Tricycle with Ernest Wiegand

This house is north of the laundromat. (2012)

Frank and Ruth Thompson lived there and they ran a grocery store where Laman DEvans office is now. (2012)

Ruth Thompson is connected to the Wiegands.

 Fannie Cooper

Frannie Cooper (2)

Frannie Cooper at orange tree

Fannie Cooper and Alma Nolan

Fannie Cooper and Alma Nolan

Frannie Cooper and Alma Nolan (3)

Frannie Cooper, Alma (Cooper) Nolan, Mayme (Cooper) Lathrop 

Fannie Cooper

Frannie Cooper and Friends

Fannie Cooper and Unkown

Fannie Cooper, Mayme Lathrop, ________, and Alma Nolan 1950 at Capital Building

Fannie Cooper and Pauline Blake

Fanny Cooper at Clay City Illinois 




Fish Fry September 1990


The Football Team of '29 - B.H.S.

Franels McCommons & Cleone Hosselton 

Frankie Bass

Frank and Stella

Frank and Stella Cooper

Frank Bass

 Frank Bass

Frank Bass

Frank Bass

Frank Bass - World War 1 

Frank Bass and Babe Cooper

Frank Bass and Huss Twins

Frank Cooper

Frankie and Vere 

Frank and Stella Cooper along with Howard Cooper

(Back Row) Frank Bass, Ed Nolan, Joshua Bass, Ben Bass, and Art Cooper (Front Row) Maude Cooper, Elizabeth Bass, Alma Nolan, Eileen Nolan, Lillie Cooper, Anna Bass, Fanny Cooper.

Fred Clark

Freeman Doak Home in Stronghurst 

From Pauline to Aunt Lell and Seck

Garfield Cooper 

Garfield Cooper 

Garfield Cooper 

Garfield and Art Cooper

Garfield and Art Cooper

April 1957 - Celebrating their birthdays.

Garfield and Art Cooper

Garfield and Grace Cooper 

Garfield and Grace Cooper

Garfield and Grace (2)

Garfield and Grace Cooper Wedding Picture

 Garfield and Grace Cooper 50th Anniversary

Garfield and Grace Cooper 50th Anniversary

Garfield and Grace Cooper in front of Barn

Garfield and Grace Cooper, Frank and Babe Bass, Alma Nolan

Garfield Cooper, Art Cooper, Howard and Pearl (Cooper) Meadows - April 1957


Garrie Lee December 1964


Gene Frank Heritage Trail 1978


General Welfare Cousins Club

George Dowley 


Glenn Leroy Felsman

Age: 6 Months

Weight: Twenty Pounds


Glenn Leroy Felsman


Gordon Eustice


Aunt Ann Vaughan, Grandma Cooper (Celinda), Aunt Jane Wirb, Aunt Kate Laird

 Grace and Clara

Grace Holman and Janet Dillon

Grace and Garfield 50th Wedding Anniversary  

Grandma Cooper

Grandma Cooper and Family

Grayce Blanche

Group Picture

 Left to Right: Mayme Lathrop, Aunt Ann, Lillie Cooper, Fannie Cooper

Group Picture

Albert Routt,________, Eileen Bass, Frank Bass


L to R: Tom Nolan, Muriel (Nolan) Rice, Jim Rice, Alma Nolan, John Nolan, Martha Nolan, Fannie Cooper, ? (Nolan) Milby

Front: ____, Ruth Rhoades, ____, Charles Rhoades


Mother Cooper, Aunt Anna, Lillie and Frannie Cooper, Howard Cooper, Pearl Cooper, Frank and Ruby Barre, and Raliy Pauline 

Hal Olson


Hal Olson


Harry McAllister


Eileen Nolan and Beverly Johnson having a party.


Helen and Roy Anders 



Helen Bishop

School Days 55-56

 Helen (Bishop) Adams, Eileen Nolan, Vivian Nolan

High School Staff

left to right Miss. Whittaker, Miss Herr, M.E. Nolan, Miss Black, Miss Hills

Hiram Sippy

Died in Andersonville Prison


Homer Sackett


Horatio Taylor


Howard and Pearl Meadows

April 1967

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper - 1916

Howard Cooper- 1934

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper, Pauline Bass, and Old Shep

Howard Cooper and Other

Howard and Pauliene taken at Clay City

Howard Cooper at the well

Howard Cooper at the well (2)

Howard Cooper at Old Farm

Howard Cooper in Ed Nolan's Clock and Hat

Howard Cooper with Horse

Indian Jack


Indian Jack

Ivah Mitchell

Iron Bridge Across Elm Creek

Near Cooper Farm in Clay County IL.


James Nolan 

December 1964

James Nolan Saylor

June 1951

Jane Medicaff

Jessie and Josie Hauson 

Just one month old with trained nurse Mary

Jessie Trimble

Josie and Alma 

 Left- Josie Right- Alma 

Seated: John Nolan and John Derry

Standing: Tom Nolan


Julia Pauline Barre

Julie Doak 

Two Years old 

July 1936

J.S. Peterson



Age 8 Months

Kathleen Lathrop

Kathy at 2 Years


Kathy in her Pen

Laddie Dog, Grace Wagler, Elizibeth Bass, and Grace Cooper

Outside of Nolan Home Oquawka Il. 

Larry Sherts


Group Posing

Left to Right: Frank Cooper, Stella Cooper, Eileen Bau, Elizabeth (Babe) Barr, Etta Route, ?, ?

*One is probably Etta's husband.


Leola Maxine Felsman

Age 6 Months


Leslie Loreu Knox


Leslie Loreu Knox


Lewan Dennisone 1978


Lillie Cooper - Oquawka Ill.

Taken about 1918.


Lillie Cooper

Lillie Cooper

Lillie Cooper 

Lillie Cooper

Lillie Cooper and Pauline Bass

Lillie Cooper with dog

Lillie Cooper picking flowers

Lillie and Howard Cooper

Lillie Cooper, John Bass, Ed Nolan, Frannie Cooper, Alma Nolan, Eileen Nolan, and Unknowns 

Loads of Love


Louise and Herbert, Esther Ledosin, Wayne Ray, Leslie Loreu


Love, Betty


Lucile Sells and I


Lucille Lathrop on Right


Lucille Sells


Marian Lathrop 6 Months

Marie, Aunt Ann, and unknown

Marie Cooper

Marie Cooper and Pearl Cooper

Marie Cooper, Babe Nolan, Nelwa Filbert 

Martha Cooper

Matha Cooper and Howard Cooper

Martha and Fred Harbottle 

Mary Eileen Nolan 

Age 13 Months


Mary Eileen Nolan

Mrs. Helwig, Alma Nolan


Mary Eileen Nolan


Mary Eileen Nolan

3 Months of age


Mary Eileen Nolan 

Aged 6 Months


Mary Eileen Nolan

Aged 8 Months


Mary Eileen Nolan 

Aged 15 Months


Mary Eileen Nolan 

Aged 29 Months

Taken at Ruby and Frank Barre's in Clay City


Mary Eileen Nolan, Trixie, and Doll

Mary Eileen Nolan Taken July 13, 1933

Age 3 years, 2 months, and 17 days

Mary Eileen Nolan

9 years old

Taken in June 1939


Mary Eileen Nolan

Mary Eileen Nolan

Mary McConnell


Mary (Nolan) Cleek and OKrea William Cleek (1 Month)


Mary Rea


Maxine McChesney 

1947 - Biggsville


Mayme Cooper Lathrop


Died: February 2, 1973

Mayme, Lillie, Celeinda, and Fanny

Taken in Oquawka 

Mayme Cooper Lathrop, Alma Cooper Nolan, Fannie Cooper

Mayme Cooper Lathrop, Alma Cooper Nolan, Frannie Cooper outside of Train Depot. 

Mayme Lathrop

Taken while visiting mother in 1928 in Oquawka.

Mayme and Steve Lathrop

Mayme Lathrop Picking Peaches 

M.E. Nolan

M.E. Nolan and Family of Hike

M.E. Nolan and wife

M.E. Nolan and Daughter Mary Eileen

M.E. Nolan first residence in Gladstone Il.

M.E. Nolan home 

M.E Nolan home in Oquawka

M.E. Nolan Orion Ill.

M.E. Nolan recieving birthday cake from daughter Eileen

Merry Christmas Betsy Blue

Merry Christmas 1922

(Postcard of Hayden 2 years and 3 months)

Michael Edward Nolan - 1943


Mildred Larson


Minneapolis, January 1910


Coming to or going to Montana to investigate home steading claims. None stayed.

Frank Wyman, Edward Fliege, ? Sothag, Emmett Davenport, Frank "Gabe" Thomas


Miss Velma Hufnagel

Oquawka ILL. 

Taken June 25, 1916

Age 18


Moone and Me


Moone and Me, and someone else


Moone and Me

Mother Cooper

Mother and Aunt Ann

Mother Cooper (Celinda) (Mrs.S.H.)

Mother Cooper and Effie Shepard 

Mrs. Coffman and 3 girls

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Nolan

House across the street East from the Court House

Mr. and Mrs. Nolan residence Oquwaka, Il


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nolan (Martha)

Vivian, Muriel -Biel

Mr. and Mrs. F.O. Coffman, Edna and Vera, Fanny Cooper, Bill Nolan, and M.E. & Alma Nolan

Mrs. Clara McGraw 

(Mother of Mrs.Huston)

Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Lon Padgett, Miss Lillie Cooper


Mrs. Joshua Rea, Our Grandmother

Mrs. Dechu, Mrs. People, Mrs. Adams, Alice Therman and Bird Addies, Mrs. Twirll, Mrs. Floyd, Della Reed, Fern Rice, Eileen Adee, Mrs. Burton, and others 

Mrs. Martha Nolan

Mrs. M.E. Nolan's Class

Mrs. Richard C. Baylor


Muriel Nolan


Muriel, Tom, Martha, and Bill Nolan

Taken at Geo. Curtis's



MWA Band Oquawka


Alma Nolan, Mabel Nolan, Bill Nolan, Martha Nolan, Eileen Nolan (1944)


Mary Eileen Nolan picking roses.

At age of 13 months.

Nolan Home (1947)

Nolan Home

Nolan Home Oquawka 

NE Corner of 6th Warren 

On duty at the main gate.


Our Ball Player

T.W. with his new first-base glove. June 2nd.


Pam and Her Doll

2 years old.

Pam as Cinderella 

Halloween 1951


Pauline Barre 

 Age 16

Pauline, Frankie Barre, Eileen Nolan 

left to right

Pauline McGraw Woods

Oquawka, ILL

Pearl and Mary Cooper

Pearl Cooper

Pearl Cooper 

Pearl Cooper

Pearl and Marie Cooper

Pearl Cooper and Dog

Pearl Cooper holding her H.S. Diploma 

Pearle Mac Lean Morgan


A National Portrait


Playing in the Snow

_______, Jackie Lox, Jimmy Pirtle, Gene Hoskins


Popularity Contest


Property of Wade Meloan






Quinn and Me at Gate



Ramon Manning (Bailey)

Rays, Dog in the snow

Ralph Sells and Royden (Pete) Zimmerman


Ramona Manning and Eileen Nolan

Richard L. on Easter Morning 

Richard Slover


Robert Bigger 

Another pal from Lynnville

Robert P. on Easter Moring 

Robert Sippy


Rosalie Gilbert

Ruby Barre and Howard Cooper

Ruby Cooper

Ruby Dixon and Laddie Dog

Showing the beauty of Spiren and Band of Oquawka Yard. Formerly the H.A. McAllister home.


Russell Cleek


Ruth B. Rhoades


Ruth Swann


Ruth Swann 1978


Ruth Swann Teaching Her Sunday School Class

Left to Right: Clare Knotts, Alise Pruett, Viola Riggle, LaVerne Slover, __________

S.H. Lathrop Home

SH Lathrop and 3 Boys

Lucille  most out of picture and Marve hidden by Paul.

S.H. Lathrop and Others 

Sam Cooper

Samuel Cooper

Samuel Cooper

Samuel Cooper


Sophomores of Biggsville High School 1929

Vieva Knutstrom, Dorothy Root, Muriel Nolan

South end of the porch Gertrude Duncan and her dog


Stanley and Vernon


Paul Lathry's Children

Stanley, Marian, and Vernon


Steve and Mayme Lathrop

Steve and Mayme Lathrop


Steve and Mayme Lathrop with Aunt Anna and Aunt Srate

English walnut tree in back of picture.

Stella, Frank, and Howard Cooper


Suah Mitchell 

Suah Mitchell and Babe Cooper

Sunday School

Sylvia Huss


Swearing In Dorrie, Eileen, and Minnie     12-1-78


Swearing in Eula, Pete, and Eileen       12-1-78


Swearing in Eula, Pete, and Eileen       12-1-78


Judge Evans Swearing in Eileen Nolan   12-1-78


Judge Evans Swearing in Eula      12-1-78


Judge Evans Swearing in Pete      12-1-78


Taken at Frank and Stella Cooper's House


Taken on 37 Anniversary

August 14, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell ( Grace Halman's Parents)



Taken on West Side of School House

(Hannah Ricketts House and Barn in Background)



Teachers at Orion

Alma and Ed Nolan in Back Row

No. I: Esther Lawson had grades 7 and 8

No. II: Miss Callaway - Primary 1 and 2

No. III: Miss Margaret - Assistant Principle

No. IV: Mayme Peterson - Grades 3 and 4


Teachers Reunion 

Terry's Birthday

June 2nd - 7 Years Old

The Taylors

From Left- Robert Prestons, James Nolan, Barri Lee, Richard Lanty 



The Golfers

Bill Nolan, Leroy (Muck) Whitmore, Audy Melvin, and Tom Reynolds



A Picture of Thomas Nolan's Baby Boy



Left to Right: Tom, Ed, John Nolan



Tony Burshoug, Little Tony, and Deer



Uncle Al and Aunt Lou Padgett



Uncle Ben Lower



Uncle Will Stempel

Second From Right




















Unknown of Horse 

Unkown Baby 

Unknown Baby



Ed Nolan - Vivian, Blake, and Bill in Back Seat

Veral Traub 

Veva and Verna Huss

Veva and Verna Huss

Vivian, Blake, and Bill

Vivian Bill, Babe, and Lyman



Waiting for the train to come in.



Willie Tinker

Age 18


Photo Taken 1888

Born in Oquawka, ILL

Son of Barton Tinker and Ann Mariah (Gregg) Tinker



"With Love" Don


Trip to Monmouth Park 1955


Trip to Monmouth Park 1955


Trip to Monmouth Park 1955


Trip to Monmouth Park 1955

1952 California