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1937 Stronghurst High School Football Team


Basketball Team


1928 Stronghurst Basketball Team


SHS Athletic Girls


1899 Football Team

Stronghurst Football Team 1899 Champions. Left to right, Top row: #3 Manager Charles Bowen, #6 George Dixson. Middle row: #2 Earl Beardsley, #3 Del Dixson, #4 John Norwood. Bottom row: #3 Ney Salter. --Photo courtesy of Kenneth Norwood and Mary Lou Arnold


Stronghurst High Track Team of 1912


Stronghurst Track Team


School Bulding

1964 Stronghurst School


Do You Remember These Stronghurst Schools


New School House Stronghurst, IL


School House Stronghurst


Stronghurst Grade & High School - Stronghurst


The Way It Used To Be


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5th Grade


6th Grade at Stronghurst 1927-1938


'37 Stronghurst Grade School '38


1926 Graduates


1926 Graduating Senior Class is 50 Year Class To Be Honored

Stronghurst High School Freshmen - 1922

Pictured left to right back row Clarence Vaughan, Charles Stine, Irene Kershnaw, Frances Seasey, Dorothy Van Arsdale, Pauline Marsden, Marion Sullins, Chester Brokaw. Next row Joe Howell, Dick Steffev, Myrtle Shallenberger, Elsie Ahlers, Golda Davis, Paul Bell, Edward Beardsley, Bessie Curd, Ferne Coleman. Next row Gladys Lant, Mittie White, Dick Howell, Max Veech, Wilda Galbraith, Alma Mills, Sharon Gregory, Alfred Shallenberger. 1st row Miss Landon (class sponsor), Frances Mehaffey, Florence Findley, Lois Marshall, Gladys Mudd, Sarah Brook, Lucile Butler, and Lorraine Anderson. There are twenty five living. 


1927 Stronghurst 3rd and 4th Grades


1928 Stronghurst 5th and 6th Grades


1928 - 1929 3rd and 4th Grades


1939 - 1940 Stronghurst 8th Grade

Back Row: Betty Bowen, June Morris, Florence Mae Findley, Sarah Eileen Taylor, Edward Brooks. Front Row: James Keith, Francis Jones, Emmy Lou Scharf, Doris Hicks, Keith Johnson


1946 Stronghurst 1st and 2nd Grade


Class of 1954


Do You Recognize Anyone?


Spring 1913


Stronghurst First Grade 1932 - 1933


Stronghurst 1933 - 1934 1st and 2nd Grades


Stronghurst Class of 1925

Pictured left to right front row: Gertrude Gibb, Winifred Jones, Idelle Hollingswort, Loren Pearson, Lucile Parish, Lena Morey and Lyle McKeown. Second row: L.O. Dawson, Frank Wilcox, Grace Kemp, Nellie Johnson, Wendell Adair, Phillip Chant, unknown and Faye McMillan. Back row: Rachel Hazel Stine, Doris Dixson, Clifford Mills, Don Chandler, Clarence Burrell, Eldred Kemp, Roberta Denum and Alice Powell


Stronghurst Grade School 1929 - 1920


Stronghurst High Class Of '28


Stronghurst High School - 1923


Stronghurst High School Class of '24


Stronghurst High School Sophomore Class


Stronghurst School Grades 7 & 8 February 1950


Stronghurst School Grades 5 & 6- 1912-1913

  1. Nona/ Billips/ Berg
  2. Martha Dair's Raling
  4. Nellie Brown
  6. Lester Wilson
  7. Lillian Shaw
  8. Mary Dixon
  10. Ruth Nolan
  11. Jauneta Mudd
  13. Agnes Kurby
  14. Ruth Foredice
  15. Lucille Jones
  16. Mazine Mains Flanagan
  17. Elsie Russler